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Meiji Dances

In Celebration of Meiji Modern
Fifty Years of New Japan Exhibition at MFAH

About MEIJI Dances

A Dance at the Meiji Modern”, is a new dance piece choreographed by Nao Kusuzaki, Artistic Director of Creative Minds Collaborative in honor of the exhibition – Meiji Modern- Fifty Years of New Japan. The new work explores themes of tradition versus modernity, cultural identity, and the human experience inspired by curated art works within the exhibition.

The movements intertwine traditional Japanese dance forms with contemporary vocabularies, reflecting the collision and integration of the Western influences. The soundscape blends Meiji-era Japanese composers like Rentaro Taki and Kosaku Yamada, with imported Western music by Saint-Saën, creating an atmosphere that mirrors the era’s cultural amalgamation.

Set in modern day Japan, this dance narrative mirrors the spirit of the era it seeks to portray, celebrating both the richness of Japan’s heritage and its embrace of global influences.

Event: Meiji Dances
Date: August 22, 2024
Place: Museum of Fine Arts
Brown Auditorium
1001 Bissonnet St
Houston TX 77005
Performance at at 7:00pm

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