Jacqui Sutton


Jacqui Sutton is the creator of the Houston-based Frontier Jazz Orchestra. She is the lead
vocalist, bandleader, and composer for the 9-piece ensemble, which blends jazz, bluegrass,
classical, pop or any influence that serves the purpose of artfully mashing styles. Jacqui studied
jazz, classical, and musical theatre, and is an avid fan of bluegrass. Frontier Jazz expresses the
hybrid sound that satisfies her musical tastes. She has released two commercial CDs: Billie &
Dolly (2010), Notes From the Frontier (2012), and in 2018, with the support of a Houston Arts
Alliance grant, debuted “Un-Cross Talk”, a multimedia concert of original Frontier Jazz
compositions. Jacque was named the 2019 artist in residence at the Virginia Center for the
Creative Arts.

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